Looking for a dog car seat cover? Read this review of best sellers

dog car seat cover
dog car seat cover

Wish you had a dog car seat cover when your dog had an “accident” or threw up on the way to the vet. Wish you had it when you got back from the dog park or the lake. If you are traveling with your dog then you know how dirty, wet and hairy your car could become. Oh, and an the scratching damages on your leather car seat. With a dog car seat cover you will travel with your dog without any water, dirt or hair left behind and protect your car interior from any nail scratching damage. so if your dog loves to go for car rides but you are tired of your back seat looking like an explosion of fur, dirt and claw marks, then a get a dog car seat cover.

Before you read our review of the best sellers and top rated dog car seat covers, we recommend to read the how do you choose the best pet car seat cover that includes the main features to consider when buying a dog car seat cover. We reviewed the PetEvo Dog Car Door Cover so if you are looking for the complete protection, it is advised to read this review too.


1Winner Outfitters Dog Car Seat Cover

This cover is designed for the backseats of all standard cars, trucks & SUVs. It is easily converted between hammock and standard bench coverage. This means that you are able to “hoop” it between the front and back headrests, but also drop the front side and just have a good seat cover. The cover is completely waterproof and includes built-in rubber nonslip backing. This dog car seat cover includes anchors to prevent seat cover from sliding around. The flaps on the side are nice. The cover material is feels soft and comfortable. Hair doesn’t stick to it or get mingled into the fabric weave.

Installing it is that easy with the buckle straps, seat anchors and side flaps. Cleaning is easy to, you just put it in a washing machine, just use the normal cycle or hand wash or vacuum it.

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2URPOWER Dog Car Seat Cover

This cover is made of 3 layers wearproof heavy duty material. It covers entirely the back seat, for ultimate protection of your car from any dirt, scratches, mud, hair & fur. It has a versatile split zipper hammock to allow pets and kids share the back seat. You could zip up for a full hammock or zip down for half/half so dogs and passengers can travel together. The zippers can withstand a lot of pressure. The sides can be zippered up or down for extra protection. The side flaps protects your car doors from scratch, hair.

This dog car seat cover has a non-slip surface to prevent your dog from slipping every time you apply the brake. Also built-in nonslip backing and seat anchors to prevent seat cover from sliding around. Built-in velcro openings for your Seatbelts. All this to ensure your dog safe, safety is always priority. It’s easy to install with quick release clips. You just snap the buckle straps around your car’s headrests and tuck in the seat anchors. Easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum.

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3BarksBar Luxury Dog Car Seat Cover

This cover is designed for the backseats of standard cars, trucks, & SUVs. It protects back seats from dirt, spills, scratches, hair & fur, and other messes. The cover is designed with color-fast material to prevent color bleeding. It is easily convertible between hammock or standard bench coverage with side flaps extensions for extra coverage to the side of your seat cushions. The company made it for a long-lasting experience with high quality heavy-duty 3 layered waterproof polyester for durability.

It has built-in velcro openings for your seat belts and seat anchors to prevent the seat cover from sliding around. The bottom of the seat cover has a non-skid surface that helps keep it from sliding too much, and it’s slightly padded to keep sharp nails from easily piercing the cover. It has two pockets for storing of personal items such as toys, leashes, grooming supplies, water bottle. etc.

When the dog car seat cover is folded, two handles make carrying the car seat cover easy, and also helps keep the dog hair folded inside the cover until you can clean it or shake it out.  It was tested to withstand extreme temperatures so you will never have to worry about damage to your vehicles anymore. It is very easy to install it – you will have to snap the buckle straps around your headrests and tuck in the seat anchors. It’s very durable, machine washable and hand washable.

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4BarksBar Original Dog Seat Cover for Cars

 This cover is designed for the backseats of standard cars, trucks, & SUVs as well. The main differences between the Original and Luxury is the material they are is made from. The luxury model of this dog car seat cover has a great luxurious appearance while the original has a very flat basic appearance. The price of the original is lower than the the luxury one. Other than that they have the same features.





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5Gorilla Grip Original Pet Car Seat Cover

The Gorilla Grip hammock car seat cover is 100% waterproof, dual coating designed to suit most cars and SUVs. This dog car seat cover includes a pocket to store personal items like toys, leashes, grooming materials, or water bottle. It has a reinforced zipper which allows easy access for your pet and usage of half of the car for a normal use when children and family joins the ride. To decrease the movement of this cover, there is a textured grip dots over the back seat, four headrest adjustable straps, two seat anchors and two elastic straps. It’s an anti-slip mat, so that’s a slip-resistant and will help protect your seats from scrapes, discoloration, and cluttered pet hair! It’s quite simple to set up with quick release clips and simple wash using a cloth or vacuum cleaner or in the washing machine.

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6AmazonBasics Seat Cover for Pets

This AmazonBasics basic or hammock covers were designed to fit most cars and SUVs and to protect the back seat of your car. it is made of made from 100% waterproof polyester in a solid black color.

Don’t worrying about muddy paws or wet fur messing up the back seat, when you use the AmazonBasics dog car seat cover. The cover offers protection against scratches, dirt, dander, and spills, preserving the interior of your car seats. it is easy to remove dirt, dander, and outdoor debris from the cover just shake it out. It is not machine washable !!!

It’s quickly and easily to install it. Place the cover’s two headrest loops over the backseat headrests, then use the two seat anchors and two elastic straps to keep it in place. Two openings allow for accessing the seat belt buckles.

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7Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover

The cover is designed to fit every car’s, truck’s or SUV’s backseats and easily converts from hammock to standard bench coverage and serves as cargo cover as well. Active Pets cover has four different layers to create a waterproof barrier between the car seats and mud, water or fur while your pet feel comfortable. It is crafted with top layer of premium 600D Oxford waterproof cotton for premium comfort and middle layer of Oxford 210D with waterproof coating your seats will remain clean no matter what.

To clean the cover from dirt, just damp cloth or vacuum. If the dog car seat cover is too dirty just wash it in the washing machine. Active Pets has 4 heavy-duty headrest anchors and 2 seat anchors to make sure your seat cover does not move. It has a non-slip bottom that makes sure your pet will never slide around and there is seat belt opening so the whole family will be able to travel together.


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84Knines Dog Seat Cover With Hammock for Cars

The 4Knines dog car seat cover is a durable, heavy-duty, waterproof cover. It is beautifully designed and blends seamlessly with your car interior.

You may attach hammock to your front headrests to help your dog feel secure and to keep debris on top of the cover. you may remove hammock when traveling with your family. The velcro openings allow access to two seat belts and child safety latch systems.

The quilted top layer and continuous non-slip backing are completely waterproofed to prevent moisture from seeping through. The non-slip backing and sturdy seat anchors keep the cover in place. You may install this dog car seat cover in seconds with quick-release clips and reinforced headrest straps. This is an easy to clean and maintain cover. You could vacuum and wipe off easily. You can even hose them off or put them in the washing machine.

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We have reviewed the best sellers and top rated dog car seat covers on market. They all have similar features like the waterproof, anti-slap, anchors, headrest straps and are machine washable. We liked the zipper option that is included in URPOWER and Gorilla Grip dog car seat covers. They split the hammock into two allowing you to use part of the back seat as usual.  Other Hammock style covers can be converted easily to back seat cover only. If you look for a comfortable and luxurious appearance covers then the Active Pets, BarksBar Luxury , Winner outfitters and 4Kanines are great selection. If you like the simplicity then the AmazonBasics and the BarksBar Original are the right ones.


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