Arf Pets Automatic Dog Feeder Review


We love our dogs and they love us too. They know that we feed when the time comes. They are aware of their meal times and would always look forward to it. We have a busy lifestyle and there could be times that we forget to feed our dogs at home. In order not to miss any feeding time, we use the automatic dog feeder. When meal time comes, the feeder feed your dog or cat. Once your dog or cat hears it, he/she would come running for his meal. You may be present or would even be away at work.

Arf Pets Automatic Dog Feeder
Arf Pets Automatic Dog Feeder

The automatic dog feeder would build a new bridge of love and trust between you and your dog because it would know that though you are not present, the meal would be dispensed on time. The automatic dog feeder provides you the leverage that you too would have been looking forward to where getting back from office when you are tied up with work to ensure that your dog is fed on time.

We have previously review the 14 best automatic pet feeders so you could read to take a a smart decision.

Why we recommend Arf Pets automatic pet feeder?

There are many automatic dog feeders available on the market and we have listed the 14 best automatic pet feeders previously. Most of them could be purchased online too. It would be more convenient and hassle free to buy one online than visiting shops to look for one. We have looked up the one that caught our eye and having perused what it could offer us and our dog. We list it as the one of the best automatic dog feeder that money could buy. You could look at it too and we are sure it would fit your lifestyle best and keep your dog fed without any oversight.

How often the automatic dog feeder dispense meals?

The feeder could be programmed to dispense four consecutive meals on the trot with your voice calling your dog at meal time. The Arf Pets automatic dog feeder is ideal for those who would have different times coming home.

Dispensing four meals on the trot would be great time for you to return and replenish the container with more food to ensure your dog does not go hungry neither would it miss a single meal. You dog will be happy to see you when you return home exhausted after a hard day at work. Seeing your dog with that happy look is something that money cannot buy.

You could use Arf Pets automatic dog feeder to dispense the meals to your dog even when you are at home reading your newspaper or just relaxing or even at word. This would help in disciplining your dog too who would not trouble you when it feels hungry as it would know the exact time that its food would be dispensed from the automatic dog feeder.



A very versatile automatic dog feeder which would dispense 4 meals a day. It has a voice recording where you could speak into it the command for meal time.


An alarm would ring along with the dispensing of meal. Once your dog hears it few times, it would wait near the feeder to feed itself. You could also control the portions according to the type of dog you have and if it is a dog to suit its breed too. As bigger breeds would need larger portions you could program the arf pets automatic dog feeder to dispense exact portions. Each portion would be 24 ml and you could arrange portions of 1 to 10 per meal ensuring that even your bigger dogs get a square meal to keep them healthy and well nourished.

The LCD clock and display enables easy adjustable settings with the lid closing magnetically. The Arf Pets automatic dog feeder would connect to any convenient electrical outlet in your home with the adapter provided. It could also operate on 3D size batteries. The settings are convenient and easy with the voice recording lasting up to 10 seconds.

The feeder tray is large enough for large dogs and even small dogs. The automatic dog feeder is good value for money and would give your dog a chance to have its meal on time.  So this feeder keeps your dog healthy and nourished. We recommend you to get this automatic dog feeder and ensure your dog gets their meal on time.


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